Minnie Jo of Aaizel

Minhee Jo is the Founder of Aaizél, she is based in Melbourne, Australia. 
For each Aaizel piece, we asked what materials were used in each individual  piece. Minhee used a mix of carefully edited dead stock including Japanese wool and triacetate, Italian wool, cotton, silk and South Korean viscose blend knits. The garments were made in Melbourne Australia. All materials were sourced locally, through an Australasian based textiles agency who specialise in sourcing finely edited dead stock. These fabrics are rescued before being sent to landfills. Using dead stock not only reduces fabric waste but conserves energy which would otherwise be used to produce new textiles, henceforth minimising potential carbon footprint. Because of this knowledge, we can trace all materials back through the supply chain to the Australian based textiles agency. The factories used for manufacturing in Melbourne signifies the care and dedication Minhee puts into every detail of each garment. Supporting local manufacturers means supporting the local community, contributing to the bigger picture of what it means to make a difference. Aaizél work very closely with a family run manufacturer based in Melbourne, CGT Australia who are an ECA (ECA is an Accreditation Body: Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited business, ensuring that employee rights are not exploited, and ensures that garments are madeunder fair and safe working conditions. We asked the name of the makers in the factories, and Minhee was able to respond in kind.
The names of the workers in Aaizél's supply chain are;
Vicky who has been running the manufacturing business since 1983, has all the knowledge and skills used to develop samples and apply them to production. Andrea, who helps with initial samples to make sure everything runs smoothly pre production. Thoa manages overall production and keeps me informed during production process. Effie checks quality and polishes all final pieces so that they're ready to be dispatched. Phill, Paul and Jimmy take care of all cutting, carefully manage the fabric cutting process by marker making to ensure the highest rate of efficiency to minimise waste and suggest ideas as we cut. All remnants and excess are donated to an Australian owned gym company to make boxing bags. Working closely with small family run workshops and businesses, Aaizél honour the integrity principles of fair trade in every aspect of their business, ensuring the ethicality of local production. Being mindful towards sustainability is the core inspiration behind every new pieces they do, they fulfil this through their commitment to using dead stock and eco-friendly fabrics. These mindfulness practices introduce functionality and uniqueness to the designs. Minhee is an open book and praises each workers in the supply chain of her garments. Denude firmly believe Aaizél has one of the most progressive business models in the world right now.