Mary Arutyunyan of MFlorens

Mary Arutyunyan is the Founder of MFlorens, she is based in Los Angeles.
When a high-paced lifestyle in Paris and London inexplicably led to a dramatic case of alopecia in 2017, Georgetown-educated Mary Arutyunyan; Founder of MFlorens and an international lawyer, focused her mind and training on finding solutions and healing. It all began with a hard, critical look at how she was approaching and caring for her scalp and hair—an otherwise healthy lifestyle took care of dietary needs.
After numerous doctors’ visits and countless hours scouring beauty and alternative products, the state of things was utterly abysmal. The unsatisfactory alternatives ranged from big-pharma medications with side-effects such as mental instability and insanity to poor scalp and hair products with diluted, chemical, improperly processed and/or incompatible ingredients.  Even products touted as the best in show, when investigated closely and thoughtfully, were not fit for purpose.
There was simply nothing on the pharmacy or beauty aisles that would provide a natural, holistic, clean, effective solution for repairing, restoring, reviving and maintaining scalp and hair health. Mary set out to make something for herself and every other man, woman and child increasingly, but silently, struggling with mild to severe scalp and hair issues.  The underlying desire for a healthy, balanced, nurtured scalp and full, vibrant, shiny locks is, after all, universal.
Conceived in Paris, perfected in London and born in Los Angeles—MFlorens’ origins lie in the transformation of despair and trauma over hair loss and alopecia areata to love, a deep understanding of nature’s remedies, and an unwavering dedication to methodology and excellence.
MFlorens was founded with a singular goal in mind: to create iconic scalp and hair care that delivers unrivalled design, quality, multi-pronged performance and universal efficacy.  Its corollary is to redefine the conversation about scalp and hair care. Much of what passes for hair care is merely hair styling. Actual, proper hair care is first and foremost scalp care, which is effectively skincare.
The objective is to formulate an active botanical scalp & hair mask of the finest quality to meet the universal cellular needs of your scalp, i.e. skin, and hair. MFlorens investigated widely to source organic, cold-pressed, cold-processed, steam-distilled, virgin or unrefined and minimally processed ingredients—to preserve the maximum extent of therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.
Using a unique proprietary process, MFlorens methodically harness and deploy the concentrated benefits of all-natural plants, nuts, seeds and flowers to infuse powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, detoxifying, exfoliating, stimulating and nutritive elements directly into your scalp, skin and hair.
MFlorens aims to help men and women of all ages develop a luxuriously minimal hair-care routine using an active botanical scalp & hair mask crafted to repair, restore, revitalize and nourish the scalp and hair to optimal health. The results continually grow with each use.
Please note that we do not review the full supply chain when buying beauty products. We choose the most luxurious and functional beauty products that we know have responsible ingredients.