Dorka Kászonyi of The Sentimentalist

Dorka Kászonyi is the Founder of The Sentimentalist, she is based in Budapest, Hungary.
Dorka founded The Sentimentalist after a tenure at Nanushka. Her materials are sourced locally (at present) in a factory called Moonstone. She sourced imperfect pearls globally (pre Covid-19) in Asia. At present, as her pearls are sourced locally, we spoke to Dorka about the factories of which she has perused. Dorka's production is that of an Integrated model, she is the only member of staff under The Sentimentalist. She hand crafts each piece of jewellery in her apartment. Dorka is currently pursuing a video with the workers at Moonstone so that we can get to know who is behind her imperfect pearls. We will share this when it is available. When we spoke to Dorka, we realised that supporting small businesses during Covid-19 is us buying from them as they navigated the waters of change. What our Founder realised is that an Integrated production model is a model of almost total self-sufficiency. Covid-19 taught us that we cannot always travel to get a material, it also taught us that materials heavily rely upon the global supply chain being fully operational. The pandemic closed many fashion supply chains, yet if we focus on a more functional and beneficial supply chain by supporting Integrated supply chains, we have learned that we can support local communities, decrease carbon emissions and fulfil buying a beautiful product  - even if it means price increases.