Aaizél Ivory Satin Wrap Blouse
Aaizél Ivory Satin Wrap Blouse
Aaizél Ivory Satin Wrap Blouse

Aaizél Ivory Satin Wrap Blouse

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This blouse is satin and wrinkle-resistance with a natural soft drape. The blouse is both graceful and easy to care for. Secured with two button closures, its silhouette elegantly wraps around the body and has a soft clarity with its subtle ivory hue. 

The blouse is made by a family run ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited business using dead-stock materials which promotes reducing fabric waste. The materials used are from finely edited dead-stock fabrics, that were previously used by high fashion houses. This reduces fabric waste that conserves energy and minimises the carbon footprint of production from new textiles. Recycled cutting paper is always used for all cuts in production and batch separating.  All off-cuts from production are donated to an Australian owned fitness company where they utilise the remnants to create boxing bags. The shirt is made of 80% Triacetate and 20% Polyester.

Fitting Note

Take your natural waist measurement as a guide for UK/Australia Size 6, 8 or 10. 


Size 6 has a 70cm waist, Size 8 has a 74cm waist, and Size 10 has a 78cm waist. 

Size 6 has a 48cm shoulder, Size 8 has a 49cm shoulder, and Size 10 has a 50cm waist. 

Read Founder of Aaizel Minnie Jo's profile here.


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