Denude is a printed magazine and Non-Mass product selection

The Magazine
Denude Magazine analyses fashion and luxury product in relation to its environment. Denude puts a select emphasis on Non-Mass fashion and highlights those within industry communicating unique and considered messages. It holds honest conversations with those that represent something permanent in an increasingly fast world, with the intention to discover product and style that is as thoughtful and meaningful as it is beautiful. It offers an honest and untethered view on style, with photography and writing that is both uncompromising and transparent. The essence of Denude Magazine is timelessness complemented with a new articulation of elegance. Each issue is created with longevity in mind and is intended as a permanent product on a bookshelf. A new idea of this permanency emerges with each issue. 
After 2020 we decided to begin our story again. Our reasoning? Covid-19 has changed everything. It forced our minds to think of the future and to go one step further in respecting our Earth. We are working on a printed product that represents a world where equality and transparency are key to the value of a product. Our core values lie within femininity, elegance and gentleness. In order to fulfil these values, we know that consideration and kindness are paramount to reaching a more hopeful and meaningful future. This will allow us to recalibrate our corner of the world into a more honest and caring place. Our values, products and marketing must work alongside one another, with full transparency about how one decision may inform another. We are working towards fulfilling a no waste magazine policy; Denude will be stocked with select retailers and if a copy remains unsold it will be returned to us. We fulfil sourcing advertisers as transparently as we can and promise to recognise brands that are creating phenomenal work in a new era of what luxury can mean.
 The Store
Our store is a representation of the values our magazine presents. It is a continuation of the magazine and intends to bridge the gap between responsibility and ease. We stock a range of Non-Mass products including clothing, jewellery and beauty products, each selected with our reader in mind. Denude is committed to honouring the people who make each of the products stocked in our store. Throughout the process of buying, our founder speaks to each individual owner of a company to explore not only the work that they do, but the studio that they make their pieces in, the manufacturers they work with and the staff that they employ. Denude develops an ongoing relationship with each designer to ensure that transparency is sustained throughout the manufacturing, buying and delivery process.
With select brands, we have a permanent collection that is hand selected by our founder and the designer. These special collaborations are stocked both exclusively and minimally. Each step of the buying process is managed with extreme care and consideration. We stock brands that articulate only the finest of wears and that have careful and deliberate thought behind them, with meaningful messages at the forefront.
Personal Buying 
Denude has a deep respect for vintage pieces, they are our specialism so to speak. We work personally for select clients; liaising with and buying, to help expand their personal collections. Pieces are always sourced for the clients needs. For private buying, please contact us at our given email. 
We aim to offer a beautiful approach to discovering and buying truly remarkable clothing and rare pieces.
Denude and Denude Magazine are International Registered Trademarks, respectively.